The Esprit de Sel opened in September, 1996. The joint initiative of Michel Dehaes, Henri Sicard and Bernard Lemort gave rise to the design of an establishment dedicated to refined, traditional restaurant service in comfortable and intimate surroundings with a carefully-planned décor.

The glass doors of the plain and elegant facade open into a space whose atmosphere is clearly ideal for a meal with friends or family, or for social occasions. The decorations are discreet and highlighted with refined details in harmony with the warm colour of the wooden floor, the walls and the heavy velvet hangings.

Looking around, the customer can appreciate a magnificent chandelier in Murano glass which highlights the walls, which are partly left in their natural state and partly painted in ochre. These discreet points of light bring out the elegant curlicues of a letter of the Marquise de Sévigné, which covers the entire surface of one wall, and which offers a justification of the restaurateur’s art, of which the Esprit de Sel proclaims itself to be an excellent representative. In short, all the elements, from the dishes to the décor, were assembled with a view to pleasing the clientele.

In July, 1997, Michel Dehaes, Henri Sicard and Bernard Lemort inaugurated the Esprit Brasserie, immediately next door to the Esprit de Sel. In a traditional way, the room has its marble-topped tables lined up side-by-side. The style is, above all, that of a brasserie, with a décor recalling the beginning of the last century. The atmosphere is lively and congenial, the dishes are choice and tasteful, the setting friendly and with close attention to detail (tinted mirrors, brass metalwork, hand-blown white glass lampshades).

Two years later, the rapidly growing success of the two independent restaurants inspired the three founders to bring them both together. Henceforward, the Esprit de Sel and the Esprit Brasserie became a single establishment : the Esprit de Sel Brasserie. Since then, an opening created in the party wall has made a useful connection between the two rooms, each of which still retains its own character, offering an intelligent choice to the customer who, according to the style or mood he wants, can choose whichever surroundings he thinks the more appropriate. Both rooms offer the same wide choice of food
and drink.

As a result of carefully thought-out ideas, the gamble has paid off. Today, the Esprit de Sel Brasserie has undoubtedly become an important meeting place for visitors, regulars, gourmets, artists and other celebrities.